Realising the promise of data in animal health

The Data Innovation Hub for Animal Health unlocks the potential to enhance economic competitiveness and productivity growth through fostering new products, processes, organisational methods and enabling entirely new business models.

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Trustworthy storage that supports researchers

Openness in private and public sector data that support researchers and innovators to discover and access data in a safe and responsible manner


Enriching private & public sector data

Our philosophy and policies promote transparency, accountability and value creation by making data available to partners.


Driving interoperability and standards

We are leading the industry forwards by promoting standards and guidance that support open and interoperable approaches.


Enabling safe sharing through legal legislation

Data compliance is at the heart of all our processes. We conform to current legislation so you make a real success of your data.


Uniting data silos to improve the overall value chain

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The platform is able to support emerging open standards so that it can communicate with REST, AMQP, MQTT, and CoAP devices. The events, data and information that the platform provides will use open standards (REST, JSON, SOAP, XML). Users, such as animal farms and labs, may have existing infrastructures with which the platform will integrate.

The platform conforms to security-by-design principles, including different levels of security and ensures that authentication, authorisation, and accounting is implemented through the platform. The platform also provides data provenance, so that it allows for auditing of data access and update on secured data and protects and isolate parts from vulnerabilities while managing log records.

The platform conforms to privacy-by-design principles that implements privacy rules as stated by the European Union. Any personal data on the platform is required to have a signed consent by the relevant parties covering its intended use. System architecture prevents the possibility of creating central surveillance on users or groups of users.

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Data Sources

International databases

Global disease distribution maps, outbreaks maps, countries indicating their sanitary statuses

Indicator data sources

Climate and environmental data, trade data, satellite data to predict disease outbreaks

Veterinary clinical data

Data from routine visits for parasite control, reproductive services, regulatory activities and vaccinations

Laboratory diagnostic data

Sample submission forms, test results, portability and integration of pet medical records

Internet data

Crowdsourcing, user-generated content, citizen science, social media, service platforms

Biosensor data

Various types of data, including body temperature and heart rate, movements, stress levels

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